Rory Stewart took his tie off during the debate and people had thoughts

Rory Stewart took his tie off during the debate and people had thoughts

On Tuesday evening, the five leadership hopefuls for the Conservative party entered into a tense debate on BBC 1, during which they discussed their Brexit strategies.

Things got so tense, in fact, that one of the contenders, the international development secretary Rory Stewart, decided to remove his tie halfway through the proceedings.

Speaking on Radio 4 about why he'd removed his tie after the debate, Stewart simply said:

I took off my tie I think because, I wanted to take my tie off and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Well, that's a good reason as any other, we suppose.

Many viewers were baffled by the swift removal of the tie, with many political commentators calling the decision 'bizarre'.

However, it also delighted many other Twitter users, who wondered about what his motivations were.

Some thought that perhaps he was involved in a kind of strange 'strip polka' game.

Others felt that they could relate.

You can call me by my first name, kids!

Perhaps the whole thing was... strategic?

That was quite a Lionel Hutz move.

Others just thought it was pretty cringe-worthy.

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