Rory Stewart is running for Tory leader and people are seriously divided about his campaigning style

Louis Staples
Tuesday 28 May 2019 13:00

Until recent weeks, many of us had little idea who Tory MP Rory Stewart was.

When he announced his intention to stand for Tory leader, the common reactions were *laughs* and “who?”

But after kicking off his campaign in a slightly, err, unorthodox style, social media is abuzz with Stewart-related chatter.

Stewart’s campaign has largely centred around him wandering across London looking for people to talk to.

He’s been everywhere.

Seriously, the man doesn’t stop!

This has inevitably cracked people up.

But he’s also made friends and got fans along the way. People liked that he spoke in Afghan language Dari to a passer by.

Some think that Stewart could be a dark horse.

But other pundits think he’s doomed.

One thing everyone can agree on is his resemblance to a certain actor.

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