The morbid reason why the Royal Family have to pack an extra outfit

The morbid reason why the Royal Family have to pack an extra outfit

The Royal Family always know how to dress for an occasion.

Netflix's The Crown has allowed viewers to rediscover iconic looks that Royals have worn from years gone by.

Most people would probably envy the wardrobes Royal's possess – but there is one extra outfit that they apparently have to carry that you are probably unaware of.

Every time any member of the Royal Family leaves the country, The Sun reports that they must take a black "mourning outfit" with them incase one of their relatives dies.

This ensures that when they return to the UK they are seen to be in a respectful mood that correlates with the presumable sombre mindset of the nation during that period.

This policy is apparently compulsory for any international trip that the Royal's may go.

It originates from an instance where they were caught out in the year 1952.

In 1952, the Queen visited Kenya with Prince Philip, only for the news of the death of her father, George VI, to break. A black dress hadn't been packed for the monarch, causing her to return to the UK in 'unsuitable' clothing.

When she arrived back in the country, she had to wait in the plane she travelled on while waiting for a black dress to be delivered.

So ever since, there's been rules in place to make sure this never happens again.

This article was originally published in 2017.

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