Runner recalls ‘special’ moment breaking Rubik’s Cube record at London Marathon

Runner recalls ‘special’ moment breaking Rubik’s Cube record at London Marathon
George Scholey has broken the world record for the most Rubik’s Cubes solved while running a marathon (Jonny Davies/Jike Media/PA)

A London Marathon participant has said it felt “special” to break a Rubik’s Cube Guinness World Record (GWR) in the same year as the puzzle’s 50th anniversary.

George Scholey beat the previous record for the most rotating puzzle cubes solved while running a marathon, which stood at 420, by solving roughly 520 during Sunday’s race.

The 22-year-old completed the marathon in a time of four hours and 25 minutes and captured footage of each scramble using a GoPro worn on his head, which he is to send to GWR to verify his attempt, along with witness statements from those in attendance.

Man with Rubik's CubeGeorge Scholey said it felt special to achieve the world record in the same year as the Rubik’s Cube’s 50th anniversary (Jonny Davies/Jike Media/PA)

On the day, 600 scrambled Rubik’s Cubes were split into backpacks of 50 which were stationed at checkpoints every two miles along the 26.2-mile route, and given to Mr Scholey to solve by friends or family members.

Speaking to the PA news agency after the feat, the professional Rubik’s Cube solver, who lives in Hoxton, east London, said: “When I realised I hit the target, it was a weight off my shoulders, although there were still 10 kilos of weight on them from carrying the cubes.

“There was definitely a sense of ‘OK, I’ve done it now, so I can just enjoy the rest of the race’.”

This year marks 50 years since the Rubik’s Cube has been in existence, so Mr Scholey said it felt even more special to complete the feat.

“The last cube… I did it 25 miles in, right opposite the London Eye, and it was the 50-year anniversary cube – the retro cube,” he said.

“It had been made like the original ’70s cube and I purposefully chose that so it would be a nice and special way to end it.”

He also handed out around 60 solved Rubik’s Cubes to children along the route.

Man with cubeGeorge Scholey solved roughly 520 Rubik’s Cubes while running the London Marathon (Jonny Davies/Jike Media/PA)

“When I solved a cube, I would give it to kids who had their hands out and it was so nice to watch their faces as they were so happy,” he said.

“I got messages afterwards from parents saying thank you to me for giving their kid a cube.”

He said trying to beat the record was tricky logistically, and he missed a checkpoint during the run.

“Other cubes were missed because I wasn’t always picking up all 50 – I was sometimes picking up 45 to 48 because the bag was so full,” he said.

He added that the atmosphere at the marathon was “the best”, with “everyone cheering you on” and fellow runners supporting each other along the route.

“There was this guy that had a bottle of electrolytes and he handed it to me at the perfect time, when it was exactly what I needed,” he said.

“Seeing familiar faces like my mum, brother, sister, my girlfriend and her sister was also absolutely great.”

Rubik\u2019s Cube Guinness World RecordGeorge Scholey said he hopes to beat his own feat next year (George Scholey/PA)PA Media - George Scholey

He said he hopes to inspire others to try to break his record at the next London Marathon.

“I’m sure there are people out there who are really capable of beating the record,” he said.

“I also really want to do it again, with much more streamlined logistics.”

He was raising money for St John Ambulance as part of the run and said it has been “really exciting” seeing people donating to his fundraising page.

“Seeing donations come in has been great and there have also been lovely messages from people,” he said.

Mr Scholey’s fundraising page can be found here:

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