Russell Howard had the perfect response to Matt Hancock’s "creepy" campaign video

Darren Richman
Wednesday 27 November 2019 09:45

Matt Hancock has been hilariously skewered by Russell Howard in a viral video mocking the Conservative politician.

The 'everyman' style of campaign video seems to be in vogue and Hancock is the worst culprit as he consistently uploads footage to the internet that is ultimately mocked by the fine folk of the internet.

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Hancock’s latest effort, already spliced together with audio footage of Hannibal Lecter, sees our protagonist walk towards the camera in the manner of the Bittersweet Symphony video while staring directly down the lens. Imagine a Tory version of Fleabag, taking place outside Euston station without any of the charm of the actual Fleabag.

In Howard’s version, footage of Hancock talking up the Conservative manifesto is cut together with the comedian at the bus stop backing away from Hancock and repeatedly asking him to back away (although not in those words...). At the conclusion of the video, the comic simply runs away in fear.

The online community was delighted by this.

And one person thought Hancock had shades of Arnie...

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