A news channel in Russia got Japan and New Zealand confused, placing 'Japan' below Australia.

News channel Russia Today labelled New Zealand as Japan and Papua New Guinea as South Korea in an embarrassing double gaff during a segment on missile bases in the Sourth Hemisphere. Presenter Ashlee Banks said “The US is looking to place missiles in Japan, South Korea and Australia,” as the map behind her showed almost a totally different area of the world.

Pretty awkard there guys, it's a fairly big thing to get wrong there. At least they got Australia right. One of three isn't bad.

A spokesperson for the channel said “Our American early morning news team suffered a little geography mishap. We ... have corrected ours as soon as it was spotted, and have given our team a new map of the southern hemisphere to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

Probably best not to ask what they mean by 'a new map' - did they have a map which suggested this broadcast was correct?

This isn't the first time New Zealand has been overlooked, Prime Minister of the country Jacinda Arden starred in a funny video by the tourist board highlighting the number of times in which the island has been left out of maps over time.

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