Russian state TV threaten to wipe out 'boorish' UK with just one missile

Russian state TV threaten to wipe out 'boorish' UK with just one missile
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Russian state TV continues to be a terrifying and baffling place, with host Vladimir Solovyov threatening to wipe out the "boorish" UK with a single missile.

Solovyov is one of the most prominent voices pushing President Vladimir Putin's propaganda campaign against Ukraine heavily in the country.

Since the invasion first began, he has pushed the narrative that Ukraine is a Nazi regime that needs to be taken down and often cracks jokes about the situation.

Now, he’s reacted to the testing of Russia's new ballistic missile the Sarmat, and called for Great Britain to be destroyed completely.

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“One Sarmat means minus one Great Britain,” he said on his show Evening with Vladimir Solovyov. “Because they’ve gotten totally boorish.”

Vladimir Solovyov is a prominent mouthpiece for PutinMikhail Metzel / Sputnik / AFP via Getty

It’s far from the first time hosts on Russian hosts on state TV have commented on the possibility of nuclear war.

Following the first test of Sarmat last week, presenters joked about taking out “a good city” such as New York.

“If 7.5 megatons will be delivered to the territory of our so-called [American] partners — the word ‘partner’ is very important — then objects like the city of New York, a good city but it would be gone,” one said.

“Completely gone, with one rocket. Completely, I mean completely,” he added. “So it’s better we don’t. Americans always feared our heavy rockets.”

It comes after US officials stated that Russia had notified the US about the tests as they are obliged to do so.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said: “Russia properly notified the United States under its New START obligations that it planned to test this ICBM.

“Such testing is routine. It was not a surprise. We did not deem the test to be a threat to the United States or its allies.”

It’s not the first time Solovyov has made headlines in the UK, after an embarrassing mix-up on his show.

Solovyov was introducing a clip that was meant to show a supposed clip of Ukrainians abusing Russian soldiers, saying, "This is how the Ukrainian Nazis and the Georgian mercenaries who joined their ranks, treat our prisoners of war, whom they captured during our withdrawal from the Kyiv region, which was our good-will gesture.”

The clip was meant to contradict coverage of the footage of deaths in Bucha, but instead it was a clip of Ukrainian soldiers walking around dead bodies saying "Glory to Ukraine" and "Russia is a b****".

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