Russian State TV host panics after accidentally airing 'Glory to Ukraine' video

Russian State TV Suggests U.S. Should Have a ‘Regime Change’ Not Russia

Russian state TV show, Evening With Vladimir Solovyov, accidentally aired the wrong clip of footage from the war in Ukraine, infuriating the host of the show.

The television program is known for pushing President Vladimir Putin's propaganda campaign against Ukraine heavily. Host, Vladimir Solovyov, has pushed the narrative that Ukraine is a Nazi regime that needs to be taken down and often cracks jokes about the situation.

But last Tuesday's episode of Solovyov's show apparently had a bit of a hiccup, according to Julia Davis' reporting for The Daily Beast.

Solovyov was introducing a clip that was meant to show a supposed clip of Ukrainians abusing Russian soldiers, saying, "This is how the Ukrainian Nazis and the Georgian mercenaries who joined their ranks, treat our prisoners of war, whom they captured during our withdrawal from the Kyiv region, which was our good-will gesture.”

The clip was meant to contradict coverage of the footage of deaths in Bucha.

However, the supposed clip did not air, instead it was a clip of Ukrainian soldiers walking around dead bodies saying "Glory to Ukraine" and "Russia is a b****".

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Davis reported that in the aired clip, a Ukrainian soldier stared into the camera lens and said "Don't come to our land" before it ended.

Following the accidental clip airing, Solovyov became enraged.

Putin Crony Melts Down After Airing Wrong Clip of Soldiers Calling Russia ‘a B****’

Putin Crony Melts Down After Airing Wrong Clip of Soldiers Calling Russia ‘a Bitch’

Solovyov yelled for the intended clip to be shown multiple times becoming more frustrated each time it was not shown. Davis says the host shouted, "Show me that clip!" multiple times.

The intended clip was never shown and the aired broadcast was edited when uploaded to the official state television site.

But the hiccup didn't stop Solovyov from continuing to speak about the war in Ukraine and furthering a conspiracy theory that the West planned the Bucha attack and blamed Putin - a theory many Russian media personalities are sharing.

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