This Russian website 'warns' travellers how many gay people are in any given city

Following Airbnb’s new policy, which prohibits banning people based on their sexual orientation, one Russian man created a website that claims to be able to tell its visitors how many gay people reside in a city.

The site is called GayLocator.

Representative Rodion Kadyrov told Russian tabloid Life that people should be able to decide who gets to stay in their home – even when it comes to sexual orientation.

He said:

To deny gay people – it’s fine if we’re talking about freedom of choice.

It’s simple. Airbnb’s position on this issue was not close to us. We started thinking about this and somehow came to the idea – to find out how many actually gay lives in every city in Russia, and conducted research.

What ‘research' does he speak of?

The website tracks online pornography requests, focusing on the internet searches for gay porn. It applies the differential to any given city’s total population, and calculates the LGBT population.

This of course, implies that only homosexual people watch ‘gay porn’.

The country has been plagued with contravesy around LGBT rights.

A pro-LGBT event planned for Sunday in the town of Salekhard was banned, citing the controversial ‘gay propaganda law’ adopted in 2013.


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