Russian State TV Suggests U.S. Should Have a ‘Regime Change’ Not Russia

On a recent airing of a Russian state TV show, host Olga Skabeyeva told Russian citizens the reason the 'special operation' is taking so long is because World War III has started and Russia is 'fighting NATO'.

BBC reporter Francis Scarr shared a clip of Skabeyeva, 37, on Channel 1 explaining the reason the 'special military operation' is taking so long.

"One can safely call what has been escalated into World War Three," Scarr translated Skabeyeva's report. "That's absolutely for sure. Right now, we are fighting NATO infrastructure, if not NATO itself."

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As Russia takes more hits from the Ukrainian military, they're being forced to come up with excuses as to why they have not dominated Ukraine.

On Thursday, a Russian military cruiser ship, Moskva, was hit by a Ukrainian missile which caused a fire and sank the ship. Although the Kremlin refused to acknowledge Ukraine's missile caused the cruiser to sink, they announced the ship had experienced a fire and sank.

However, the result of Moskva's sinking has started a fury in Russian propaganda commentators who say it is a cause for a full-blown world war.

Despite the threat that Russia is at war with NATO, commenters on Scarr's post reminded people that there is no World War III thus far.

"Ha. Last i checked there is literally not one (1) single NATO boot on the ground in ukraine and not one (1) single NATO pilot in ukrainian airspace and not one (1) single NATO sailor in UKR or RU waters or firing on RU ships, but sure, RU-NATO WW3 , lol," Sully wrote.

"They've lost 500 tanks, another 2,000 other vehicles, 82 aircraft, 18,000+ soldiers and a battlecruiser. NATO hasn't even arrived yet. It is fair to say that this war against NATO is not going well for Russia," another Twitter user commented.

Strangely, following the sinking of Moskva, a news report from Russia says the Russian Ministry of Defense will answer any attack or sabotage of Kyiv.

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