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As the Tory leadership campaign heats up and the likes of Michael Gove, Esther McVey and Andrea Leadsom are forced to address their past drug use , Sajid Javid has decided to release a wholesome leadership campaign video – and people are startled by how human it is.

The Home Secretary kept the two-minute video intimate, and opened with a clip featuring his dog and went on to show his home and family.

He told viewers about his father, who left Pakistan for the UK in 1961 with “one pound in his pocket” and who went on to become a bus driver, before going on to own a ladies clothing shop in Bristol where Javid grew up.

Javid said: “Mum and dad were workaholics and they taught me the value of hard work. I always wanted to make my family proud.”

The three things that have helped get me where I am today are public services, hard work, and the encouragement and support of my family.

He talked about being told “boys like me didn’t do maths,” and how he overcame judgement and became the “first in my family to go to university.”

“I wanted to give back to a country that has given me so many opportunities. I feel really privileged to have been given the experiences and responses in government."

These are incredibly challenging times. The country feels very divided. We need leadership. We need someone who can help heal the country and bring people together.

If we’re [the Conservative party] are going to win the next election, we need to look like change.    

I am optimistic because I believe deeply in what this country is about. I want to seize the opportunity to be the next prime minister because I believe I can deliver Brexit, I can unite the country. I know, better days lie ahead.

Some people are...impressed

But others are pointing out that, whilst warm and fuzzy (there's a dog!) it doesn't actually go into any detail about his policies

Others branded the video "misleading"

Javid’s controversial decision to strip Shamima Begum of her citizenship was widely criticised by the public, as well as retired justice of the Supreme Court, Jonathan Sumption.

The death of Shamima Begum’s newborn son is a “stain on the conscience” of the UK government, Diane Abbott claimed as she accused Sajid Javid of behaving “shamefully”.

The Conservative leader hopeful, along with Jeremy Hunt also controversially backed a no-deal Brexit.

Speaking to Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Javid said: “The policy of any government I lead will be to leave on 31 October. We will do everything in our power to leave on 31 October.

I will do everything I can to get a deal, but if I have to choose between no deal and no Brexit, I will choose no deal.

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