Teachers fired for OnlyFans content

A teacher in Arizona has reportedly been fired from her job for allegedly making pornographic content for her OnlyFans content in the classroom where she worked.

Science teacher Samantha Peer worked at Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu City but reportedly shared a link to her OnlyFans account, which was under a different name, on her Instagram page which was subsequently discovered by students and shared around the school.

In a statement sent to parents, Lake Havasu Unified School District said: "It has come to our attention that students have been airdropping explicit material. The images did not happen during the school day and the person depicted no longer works for LHUSD. Please remove all images from your child’s phone and talk with them about the appropriate use of technology.”

Peer's husband, Dillion Peer is also a teacher who worked at Nautilus Elementary where he taught fourth grade. He was also fired after he was reportedly seen in videos on the OnlyFans account.

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In a statement that Peer issued on YouTube on Friday, she explained that she and her husband began filming the OnlyFans as their salaries as teachers were no longer enough to support them and their family.

She explained that she had begun taking extra jobs at the school but it was beginning to impact the time she had with her family" "My children are the most important thing to me, and I’m already spending countless hours outside of my contract time on extra school activities, and I don’t think it’s fair that I have to sacrifice my own children’s time because our professional salary did not pay enough."

Peer added that she went to the lengths of using a pseudonym and blocked the entire state of Arizona from her OnlyFans page. However, after she advertised that she had made a video in her classroom the account soon went viral which led to a community member raising concerns about her on October 24th and she was subsequently placed on administrative leave.

Peer then claimed that she resigned after feeling 'under pressure.' Her husband then lost his job on November 2nd after pictures of him began to be circulated by members of the teaching staff.

According to an article by the News-Herald, a local parent Alea Bilski, said that she was told about the OnlyFans content via her daughter and that the school only sent the email after a Facebook post she made about the situation went viral.

Bilski added: "If it was ‘just’ an Only Fans account I wouldn’t be as upset because then that would 100 per cent be on the kids’ parents, but this was public and an easy Google search to find everything."

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