Trump fanatic Sarah Palin claims president is 'directing the wind' in bizarre interview with Piers Morgan

Sarah Palin is known for her stand-out TV interviews.

Remember when her interview with Katie Couric effectively ended John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid? And who could forget Tina Fey’s iconic impressions of her?

Now Palin (an ally of president Trump) has appeared on Good Morning Britain to chat to Piers Morgan (another ally of the president). What could possibly go wrong?

Speaking from Alaska, Palin was asked for her opinions on Trump's tweets, which are nearly always inflammatory and can often be abusive and racist.

He said:

Should he dial it back a bit now that he’s president and try to be inclusive, or should he carry on?

After defending Trump as some sort of mystical God who’s smashing the “status quo” in a characteristically ramble soliloquy, Palin said:

What we do appreciate about Donald Trump is that he’s not a typical politician with his finger to the wind. No, he’s directing the wind.

That’s what we expected: no more business as usual. More power to him to tweet it out because he’s not getting free coverage from the press.






*The wind*

Now we've officially heard it all.

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