'Satanic symbol' discovered on famous English landmark

'Satanic symbol' discovered on famous English landmark

A mystery symbol has appeared on one of Britain's most famous landmarks - with some claiming it is the work of the Devil.

Michelle Cowbourne, 53, was out walking on Glastonbury Tor earlier this week when she spotted graffiti on St Michael's Tower.

She says there were three symbols spray-painted on the Grade I listed building in total, in separate places.

One was a heart shape with the word 'Lucifer' underneath - another name for the Devil.

The other two are thought to be a satanic symbol called the Sigil of Lucifer.

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Michelle posted photos of the graffiti on Twitter and some users were quick to recognise its meaning.

One user said: "I'm pretty sure it's some kind of occult symbol."

Another added: "I'm told it's a satanic symbol. Remains of a chapel so maybe they don't like it."

And other users were quick to condemn the vandalism to the monument.

One said: "Disrespectful to the site no matter what the symbols are or mean... go there with your thoughts not a spray can!"

Another agreed: "Did someone really have the nerve to vandalise St Michael's Tower?!"

Glastonbury Tor has been a site of religious significance for over 1000 years and is known as being one of the most spiritual sites in the country, according to the National Churches Trust.

Michelle, from Glastonbury, Somerset said: "I was walking on the hill with my camera like I always do when I spotted some of the graffiti.

"I then went back and did the same walk the next morning and saw another drawing had appeared.

"The scribbles were on both the inside and outside of the tower and I've been told they are likely satanic symbols.

"Glastonbury is quite a tolerant place - but spray-painting your thoughts and beliefs all over a national monument seems to be taking it too far."

The photos were taken on July 28 and 29.

SWNS reporting by Harrison Moore.

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