Saudi Arabian woman celebrates end of driving ban with this amazing rap video

Earlier this month it was announced that Saudi Arabia would be allowing their women to drive cars for the first time in the country's history.

The ban was officially lifted on Sunday, June 24 meaning that thousands of women in the kingdom can now legally drive cars and have a driving licence.

Women in the cities of Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam drove cars in victory laps around the centres yet another woman had an even better way of celebrating.

Leesa, a female Hijazi rapper from Saudi Arabia released a music video on YouTube on Sunday called 'We Are Driving' and well, it's absolutely amazing.

Gulf News quotes her as singing:

Don’t forget that today is the tenth day and this means no need for taxis.

I am not kidding, today I can serve (drive) myself.

Leesa also reportedly offers safety advice for women on busy roads and the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Since she uploaded the video to YouTube the song has already received over 200,000 views and has gone viral after being shared on Twitter.

It definitely reminds us of this iconic music video from M.I.A, which was released in 2012 (Hands up who feels old?)

Leesa has also been celebrating the new law on Instagram.

To be honest, Cardi B, Kanye West and Pusha T can all retire now because she is our new favourite rapper.

HT Gulf News

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