Scale model of solar system installed in Belfast hills

Scale model of solar system installed in Belfast hills
The sculptures have been installed along a trail above Belfast (Unboxed/PA)

A sprawling scale model of the solar system has been installed along a 10-kilometre sculpture trail in the hills above Belfast.

The Our Place In Space installation will be on the National Trust’s Divis and Black Mountain site for the next four weeks.

Oliver Jeffers (right) and astrophysicist Ryan Milligan (Unboxed/PA)

The 3D sculptures representing the Sun and planets were designed by illustrator and author Oliver Jeffers in conjunction with astrophysicist Professor Stephen Smartt.

It was commissioned by Unboxed: Creativity In The UK – a programme backed by the Government and the devolved administrations that celebrates science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.

Jeffers and astrophysicist turned truck driver Ryan Milligan delivered the final two pieces of the sculpture to the site on Friday morning.

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