12-year-old boy saves suicidal man with seven simple words

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A pair of exceedingly brave 12-year-old boys saved a man's life earlier this week after they stopped him jumping from a bridge.

The man, who is said to be in his 20s, attempted to jump from a bridge over the A10 in Waltham Cross, but the two boys restrained him.

The Hertfordshire Mercury, who spoke to a third rescuer, 47-year-old Joanna Stammers, reports that Stammers heard one of the boys say to the man:

Please don't do this, I am young.

Stammers told the Mercury that the young boy was a "hero," adding that "kids his age might walk past and take the mick, but he took it upon his little head to hold him back with all his weight".

She told the paper of how she came to assist the boys and save the man who was later admitted to hospital.

I saw these two little boys hanging on to him and leaning back with all their weight so I rushed over and put my hands through the rail to put the man into a kind of arm lock.

The boy relaxed when I took over but he was distraught, I kept thinking he needs counselling because he had somebody's life in his hands and if he let go he would have died.

The man just didn't want to live anymore, he was crying and I said to him 'please don't do this to us' and he said 'then go and just leave me’.

If you are feeling vulnerable, upset or depressed there is always someone available to talk and help.

You can contact the Samaritans 24-hours a day for free via their website or phone line 116123

If you're LGBTQI and in need of someone to talk to, Switchboard LGBT offer advice and help every day from 10am to 10pm on their website and on 0300 330 0630

Alternatively, if you suspect a young person might be feeling suicidal, you can call Childlinefor help and advice on 0800 111

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