Schools with lots of immigrants perform better, say statistics

The diverse make-up of pupils in London's schools is the reason the capital outperforms other parts of the country in academic attainment, it has been claimed.

There is a "London-premium" on what Simon Burgess, professor of economics at the University of Bristol, calls "pupil progress" - effectively this is a measure of how a pupil improves their grades between Key Stage 2 (11-years-old) and their GCSEs (16-years-old).

Writing for The Conversation, Prof Burgess explains that the "higher pupil aspiration, ambition, and engagement among migrants" in London's schools is the reason for their success.

While he explains that there is "nothing inherently different" about children from migrant families, their social situation is likely to make them more ambitious.

Children of relatively recent immigrants typically have greater hopes and expectations of education, and are, on average, more likely to be engaged with their school work.

  • Professor Simon Burgess
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