Science says benevolent sexism is costing women orgasms

So, welcome to reason 12,423,683 to not like sexism.

If you're straight, it is either a) stopping your girlfriend from climaxing or b) stopping you from climaxing:

Benevolent sexism.

Benevolent sexism is different to hostile sexism. Hostile sexism says women are inferior and wants to treat them as inferior, so they know it.

Benevolent sexism thinks women need protecting; that without men they are vulnerable to their emotions/other men/asteroids; that they are reliant on men in a way men should not be reliant on women.


Anyway, the point is, that it's bad news for the bedroom.

Because when women endorse the idea that they are more passive - which, of course, many women do - they also discover they are with more sexually selfish partners.

In other words, women who believe in the "strong men/weaker ladies" trope rate their partners as less likely to make them climax. Ouch.

The results came from researchers at Queensland University in Australia who talked to 339 women in heterosexual couples.

And they found that women - feminists, some might call them - who don't think gender is necessarily correlated to strength thought their partner was excellent in bed.

Women’s benevolent sexism significantly predicted perceived male sexual selfishness, such that the more women endorsed benevolent sexism, the more likely they were to perceive men as sexually selfish.

...said the study, which was published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

Perceived male sexual selfishness was, in turn, significantly related to women’s orgasm frequency, such that the more women perceived men as sexually selfish, the fewer orgasms they experienced.

So if you want a woman waxing lyrical about your sexual prowess to her friends, it seems trying to be her protector might not be the way to go about it. Good luck men.

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