The correct way to pronounce 'scone' has finally been revealed

The correct way to pronounce 'scone' has finally been revealed
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It’s a debate that has raged for centuries, but thanks to new research by YouGov, we might be one step closer to knowing the correct way to say “scone”.

Lovers of afternoon tea, jam and cream have always been divided over both how to pronounce the word, and also whether jam or cream should be applied to a scone first.

YouGov’s research reveals that over half of Britons pronounce it to rhyme with “gone” with around four in ten rhyming it with “bone.”

Region and social class are two key factors that influence how people say the word. Those living in the North of England (60 per cent) and Scotland (80 per cent) overwhelmingly use the “gone” pronunciation, while those in the Midlands (56 per cent) and London (50 per cent) are much more likely to go with the “bone” option.

The survey also shows that class is as important a factor, although perhaps not in the way you’d expect. Those in the C2DE social grade are evenly split, but among ABC1s there is a very real disparity. The middle classes are far more likely to go with the “gone” option (55 per cent) than “bone” (40 per cent).

The nation has also spoken about another major scone debate – jam or cream first? Jam first, or the “Cornish” method, is the overwhelming favourite, with more than six in ten adding jam first. By contrast, just one in five go for the “Devon” approach of putting the cream on first.

So while the argument over pronunciation wages on, at least there appears to be a clear consensus when it comes to spreading the sweet stuff.

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