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A food bank in Scotland was burgled and vandalised on the eve of Christmas - but it was saved by the community.

The Coatbridge Community Food Bank in North Lanarkshire says it was broken into and that furniture and office supplies were damaged.

The food bank posted a message about the alleged crime on their Facebook page and they estimated that thousands of pounds of damage was inflicted. With Christmas just days away and many homeless people to be fed, the food bank was stuck.

Despite this, they were determined to keep the place open and feed as many homeless people as possible.

They wrote:

Coatbridge foodbank at this time help so many family's, particularly in the lead up to Christmas, we are heartbroken, but will pull together as a team. At this moment the repairs are being estimated in to the thousands. Despite this the foodbank will be open as normal tomorrow to insure nobody goes hungry at Christmas.

They shared pictures of the destruction, including food on the floor and the office in a state of disarray.

But then, the tides changed.

People in the community got wind of what happened and immediately offered help. The food bank launched a crowdfunding campaign with the intention of raising £5,000.

Donations came flooding in, and as of the date of this article, they have raised over £9,000.

The food bank was overwhelmed by the responses, and told indy100:

The support over the festive period from the public has been overwhelming. We can't thank everyone enough.


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