This sculpture of a bunch of tulips is dividing the internet on whether or not it's 'pornographic'

Apparently tulips are surprisingly controversial.

A sculpture unveiled in Paris this week has caused a bit of a stir. Intended to commemorate the victims of the 2015 Paris terror attacks, it features a hand holding a bunch of coloured tulips.

But some people had a somewhat different interpretation.

Art critic Yves Michaud wrote that the sculpture resembled "11 colorful anuses mounted on rods", and said the piece was "pornographic".

Over on Twitter, the dispute wages on. TV presenter and literary critic Eric Naulleau called it "despicable".

Meanwhile Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo said it was "a magnificent symbol of freedom and friendship".

Parisians are equally divided, with some saying they're "delighted" by the sculpture, while one person went as far as to call it an "homage to haemorrhoids", which seems a bit... extreme.

Banksy famously said that:

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

It seems this Jeff Koons sculpture has, if nothing else, achieved that.


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