Sean Hannity has come under fire after he made the bizarre claim that President Joe Biden never had a stutter until recently.

The outspoken US pundit reignited the widely-refuted conspiracy theory on Fox News, suggesting the president’s childhood speech issue is being used as a political ruse.

On Wednesday night, Fox News was speculating why president Biden had committed to few public appearances in his first few months at White House.

In the segment, Hannity brushed stuttering as a possible explanation.

“The only problem is, he didn’t have it in 2016 or 2012,” Hannity said. “And when did this problem start to emerge?”

Well, there’s plenty to reference...

From as early as 1992, Joe Biden has spoken about his difficulties with stammering, which he reportedly described as “God’s Gift” to him as it made him more empathetic.

Before he became president, Biden reached out to Stuttering Foundation of America and has participated in plenty of profiles about his childhood, which all reference his stutter. The president even talked about it on the daytime chatshow The View.

In recent times, Biden discussed his stuttering during a CNN Town Hall debate in 2020, where he admitted he “still occasionally when I find myself really tired.”

It’s safe to say people were unimpressed by Sean Hannity’s comments and Twitter was ablaze with jibes thrown at the pundit.

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