Fox News host Sean Hannity tried to attack Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal in the most ridiculous way

Fox News host Sean Hannity tried to attack Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal in the most ridiculous way

Fox News host, Trump ally and general spouter of antagonistic nonsense Sean Hannity has once again shared his infinite genius with the world.

During his opening monologue on his own show on the network, Hannity aimed his rhetoric at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's proposed Green New Deal, a favourite topic of Republicans.

At last weekend's CPAC conference they claimed that the Democratic congresswoman's deal was going to take away cows from Americans due to them producing the harmful methane gas.

Hannity added to this wild speculation and fear-mongering of the deal by listing all the supposed negative benefits that it will offer people, including paid holidays, guaranteed income, retirement, child day-care, health care, education and healthy food, all for the price of absolutely nothing.

It promises to provide 'everything is free'. You don't have to worry about another thing for a day of your life. 

Free government healthy food. Free day care for your kids. Free housing. Free college education.

Forget about K through 12. Free universal health care. Free! Free!

Oh... but pro-choice Democrats they're not going to allow you to have our private plan anymore. Forget choice.

You get guaranteed vacations, universal guaranteed income, [and] a guaranteed retirement. Even people who are unwilling to work.

We're sure we can all agree that this is truly disturbing stuff and should be stopped by everyone with the power to do so.

It's hard to tell how serious Hannity is being here (especially as he said it with a graphic next to him reading 'free everything for everyone'), or if he's merely attempting to sway his viewership opinion's on what is a logically good deal for hardworking American people.

It is almost beyond parody at this point and Twitter is a little confused as to what Hannity is trying to achieve here.

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