Seattle police filmed launching tear gas at protesters who were standing and chanting peacefully
Screengrab: Twitter

Over the last few days, social media has been awash with disturbing pootage and imagery of the escalating tensions between police and protesters across America.

Protest continue to form across the US, and the world, after footage of a white police officer kneeling on the late George Floyd’s neck emerged last week. Floyd was heard saying "I can't breathe" and died soon after. Four officers were immediately discharged and one has been charged with murder.

It has often appeared to be the case from social media videos that police are playing an active part in escalating violence with protesters.

Shocking footage has emerged from Seattle, where protesters can be heard chanting “we don’t see no riot here, take off your riot gear”. As the protesters stand peacefully, police launch tear gas at them in what appears to be an unprovoked attack.

There’s a closer look at how the clash appears to have started, when a law enforcement officer pulls a purple umbrella (presumably to block tear gas) from a protester.

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