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Donald Trump Jr. has had a lot to say about the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations.

The son of the President of the United States is not supporting the disgraced Hollywood producer but is instead calling out Trump detractors for not criticising Weinstein.

His jibes on Twitter have been aimed at the likes of the New York Times, Hillary Clinton, Saturday Night Live, Michael Moore and Jimmy Kimmel.

While it is good that Trump Jr. is vocal in his condemnation of Weinstein he probably isn't going about it in the best manner.

By aiming insults at critics of his father from the world of media and Hollywood, it's hard not to feel like the 39-year-old is missing the bigger picture here.

Furthermore, Trump Jr. is probably forgetting the fact that his dear old Dad was one recorded on tape admitting to sexual harassment.

Noticing this massive oversight Canadian actor Seth Rogen, decided to remind the younger Trump in the best way possible...by sliding right into his DM's (yes, Rogen and Trump Jr follow each other).

It hasn't been disclosed if Trump Jr responded to Rogen but judging by that blue tick next to the first message, he clearly read it.

Rogen's tweet has since gone viral and people are loving it.

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