Seven public assets the Tory government has sold off in the past year alone

The Conservative government has been accused of short-changing the tax-payer after selling off billions of pounds worth of public assets.

New data compiled by the Press Association shows that the Great British Sell-Off has surpassed a previous high of £20bn set by the Thatcher government in the 1980s.

Here are seven public assets the Government has privatised in the last year alone:

1. Constructionline - database sold to Capita for £35m

2. Greencoat UK Wind - a green investment fund, sold for £51.2m

3. Eurostar - 40 per cent stake sold for £757.1m

4. Royal Mail - the remaining 30 per cent stake was sold for £1.3bn

5. Royal Bank of Scotland - a 5.4 per cent stake worth £2.1bn

6. Northern Rock mortgage assets - £13bn

7. Lloyds - £9.1bn in shares

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