If you want to be a good dancer, then don't worry - science has come to your rescue.

Researchers from Northumbria University have pinpointed the components that make up dancing good enough to attract others. They are:

1. Wide swings of the hips

2. Legs moving asymmetrically

3. Moderately swinging arms

If it sounds quite specific, that’s because it is. “To be attractive, the quantity of movement has to fall within a specific window” the paper states.

Researchers recorded dance moves of 39 women, none who were professional dancers, as they listened to a Robbie Williams song. They were then turned into 3D digital avatars, to remove the chance of any biases related to physical attraction.

These avatars were then rated by 300 people – who came up with very definitive answers on the dos and don’ts of the dance floor. And these dos and don'ts relate to attraction. The study states:

Research has shown that judges are able to evaluate qualities that might indicate certain aspects of potential partner quality merely from dance movements.

The researchers say wide swinging hips could be sexually appealing because it’s a sign of fertility, and moderate movement of limbs and wide swings of the hips show good motor control.

Just to make things a bit clearer - here's a "good dancer" avatar:

And here's a bad one:

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