People are offering to date Sharon Stone after she was banned from Bumble

People are offering to date Sharon Stone after she was banned from Bumble

It turns out dating apps aren’t just a drain for normies like you or us–​even A List celebrities struggle.

In fact, they may find it hard to get on an app at all.

This is problem Sharon Stone is facing – the Basic Instinct legend has taken to Twitter to complain that she’s been banned by Bumble.

Her offence? Being Sharon Stone.

Other users believed that someone of Stone’s fame couldn’t possibly be using a dating app open to everyone, and reported her account as fake.

Their loss – it really was the actress and she let her unhappiness felt in a tweet, asking the app not to “shut her out of the hive”.

However, she may have got a bigger response than bargained for; now her mentions are filled with people magnanimously offering to take her out on a date.

Some suitors went for the minimalist approach, with a simple “Sharon, DM me” request. Strong. Classic.

Others adopted a subtle “‘please stamp on my face in your stilettos, mistress” tactic that is definitely going to win over an Oscar nominee and doesn’t seem at all ingratiating and desperate.

Memes were also deployed in the hopes that it would make individual messages stand out.

Then there were the enterprising women who were scanning replies, hoping to pick up some of Stone's wannabe beaus.

However, the window to woo Sharon Stone is closing imminently; Bumble’s editorial director spotted the tweet and quickly rectified the problem. Warning: do not expect similar treatment if you’ve won less than one (1) Emmy award.

It’s not the first time Stone has made allusions to desiring a taste of the “normal life”. In an October 2019 interview with Allure magazine, the star implied she gets lonely, saying it’s hard to make friends when you’re famous.

“I miss people inviting me over for dinner, inviting me to do things,” she told the interviewer at the time.

“Most famous people spend a lot of time alone [...] I'm desperate to call Margo Martindale and be like, "I really want you to come over and have dinner with me because I think you're the greatest. But I don't want you to think I'm psycho."

Maybe she’s on Bumble BFF too?

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