Show these messages to anyone who thinks Islamophobia isn't real

Humza Yousaf was sworn into the Scottish parliament as the MSP for Glasgow for a second time this week.

Being of Scottish-Pakistani heritage, Yousaf gave his oath in both English and in Urdu, while wearing a kilt.

Here's the Urdu part of his oath:

What a wonderful embodiment of multicultural Britain, you might think. Unfortunately, for his efforts, Yousaf has faced abuse online.

One of his more outspoken attackers has been Tarek Fatah - a Canadian broadcaster and secularist.

He's repeatedly attacked Yousaf

Unfortunately he's not the only one

Yousaf's had his fair share of faceless trolls this week

He tweeted screengrabs of the abuse this week to prove how rife Islamophobia is online

It's just lucky he manages to keep his sense of humour

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