Single mother mistakenly evicted and all her family’s belongings thrown in trash
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A single mother in the United States has revealed that she was mistakenly evicted from her property and all of her belongings were thrown away.

Brianni Bonner made the discovery when she returned home from work at Walmart to her apartment building in Dallas, Texas.

Bonner, who has recently moved to the area from Chicago, told WFAA that she had come home on a Saturday morning to find her locks had been changed.

On the radio show, she explained how a maintenance man told her she couldn’t go into her own apartment.

She said: “[He] tells me I’m going to go to jail because it’s against the law for me to get into my apartment.”

The 23-year-old found her belongings, including medication and her four-year-old son’s toys, in the apartment’s dumpster outside.

Bonner later came to learn that the building had meant to evict the tenant living in the unit below hers.

She was not able to re-enter her own apartment for several hours and when she did, she found it was empty and had already been repainted.

She said: “I can’t even explain to you the depression it’s caused. I feel like everything was taken from me. It doesn’t feel like home anymore.”

To make matters worse, Bonner claims the building manager tried to offer her a $200 debit card, which she describes as “a slap in the face”.

A spokesman for the apartment building told Newsweek: “Since learning about the incident involving Brianni Bonner and her young son our senior management team has been trying to reach out to Ms. Bonner to apologize and address the problems caused when our staff mistakenly emptied the contents of the wrong apartment.

“We want to offer our sincere apologies for the way the situation was addressed once the error was discovered and are attempting to contact Ms. Bonner to discuss how we can fairly compensate her and her son.”

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