Sky News anchor labelled 'patronising' after turning interview into rant about renters

Sky News anchor labelled 'patronising' after turning interview into rant about renters

If you're a millennial living in London, it can't have escaped your attention that it's a very tough situation out there if you're a renter.

According to Homes and Property, London is now the most expensive place to rent in Europe, and the fourth most expensive place to rent in the entire world.

Further to that, if you're looking to rent a three-bed place in London, it'll set you back a tidy £5,187. Add in agency fees, removal costs, and deposits, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that the whole system is rigged in favour of landlords.

So, it comes as no surprise that Sky News anchor and landlord Jayne Secker was labelled 'patronising' during an interview on Monday after she ranted about the incompetence of young tenants.

Secker, who revealed herself as a landlord, spoke to recently evicted tenant Kirsty about the high costs of renting in London.

After Kirsty highlighted the difficulty of finding a place to rent within two months of being evicted, and also how hard it is to afford to pay rent, Secker said:

But that's not the landlord's fault, is it? That's just the housing market. The landlord would have the same issue if you decided to move out in two months.

I suppose some would say, and I am speaking as someone who has rented flats and who also rents flats out, that especially with the younger generation, you very often find that the younger tenants don't really know how to do a great deal in homes.

I, for example, have had tenants complaining that lights have popped because they don't know how to change lightbulbs. I've had tenants complain about heating... and they haven't turned the boiler on. It's just very obvious things.

Do you think you've found amongst your friends, perhaps, that you're aren't equipped with the necessary skills to rent?

In response, Kirsty hit back, calling the Sky News presenter's line of questioning 'patronising', and many people on social media were quick to agree.

This isn't Secker's only blunder of late. The Sky News presenter was labelled 'arrogant' and 'trite' after she took an African proverb about it taking a village to raise a child at face value, during an interview about violent street crime among youth.

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