Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finally makes her SNL debut

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finally makes her SNL debut

After being the youngest women to win a seat in Congress in US history and generally just slaying politics, it is only right for 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to finally get the SNL treatment.

The New-York native was impersonated by Melissa Villaseñor, wearing a red dress and her signature round glasses, in a segment on the latest Saturday Night Live.

The skit parodied the NBC talk show Morning Joe starring Alex Moffat as Joe Scarborough and Kate McKinnon as Mika Brzezinski, who both interview "Ocasio-Coretz" on the millennial job industry.

"You're only 29. You've overcome incredible odds to get a job in Congress," says McKinnon as Brzezinski. "Well, I'm a millennial, so getting any full-time job is overcoming incredible odds," responds Villaseñor as Ocasio-Cortez. "I'm actually still working for TaskRabbit."

The show continues to poke fun at the socialist politician, as Ocasio-Coretez excitedly proclaims: "Look at me, I'm different!"

And when Moffat's Scarborough warns: "You're going to be pretty busy", she responds confidently:

I worked as a bartender in a Mexican restaurant like 11 minutes ago. This job is a frickin' breeze!

The parody also commented on the death threats the Ocasio-Cortez has apparently received since winning in the mid-terms. To that she only answered:

Listen. I grew up riding the 6 train. I’m used to crazy people yelling ‘I’m gonna kill you’ for no reason. That’s not a death threat. That’s just a Tuesday in the Bronx! I was born for this!

The popular comedy show has previously parodied politicians, especially those that are often spoken about or are very influential. Its most notable impersonations in recent seasons probably include Alec Baldwin's impeccable Donald Trump pout.

Or Melissa McCarthy as the former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Or even Kate McKinnon with her best Hillary Clinton impression.

Although none of the jokes were highly critical, there is no doubt that, with an active social media presence and her popularity amongst young people, it won't be the last time Ocasio-Cortez will be mocked on SNL.

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