There is no doubt that, as the youngest woman ever to be elected into US Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is killing the game, which is why it comes as no surprise that the Democrat just added trolling Fox News to her long list of achievements.

Entering politics earlier in the year, Ocasio-Cortez is no stranger to being in the midst of a media storm. Conservative media in particular have used her and her socialist views as a prime target for criticism and have previously gone as far as fashion-shaming her on a suit she wore that was worth $3,500.

On Friday night, the topic of Ocasio-Cortez’s wardrobe came up again, only this time an entire segment was dedicated to discussing the shoes the 28-year-old wore on her campaign trail.

The boots, which look worn down and have holes in them, have been described as a sign of her hustle and are heading to an exhibit at Cornell that focuses on clothing that empowered women.

But despite a few compliments, Fox News couldn't leave it on a positive note and instead had to spin it into something negative again. One commentator on the segment said:

She is proposing that we bring socialism to our country. Right now, in Venezuela, there are people who can’t afford shoes, don’t have shoes on their feet because of what socialism has done to their country.

So, when someone brought it to the incoming congresswoman’s attention on Twitter, she responded with a snappy comeback in the form of Spanish lyrics.

The lyrics translate into: “No, it’s not love/What you feel, it’s called obsession.” But to help all the non-Spanish speakers out there, Ocasio-Cortex also provided an English version.

Adding the cherry on top, the New York City native followed up her tweet with one final shot at the the news channel.

With all the other digs she's made in the past, there is no doubt that Ocasio-Cortez continues to reign as queen of savage comebacks. Hopefully this time, Fox News gets the message and will start leaving her alone.

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