This video perfectly parodies every weird thing about socialising in 2020

This video perfectly parodies every weird thing about socialising in 2020

If you’ve met up with a friend, colleague or family member for a socially distanced catch up since March, you’ve probably talked about the global coronavirus pandemic.

But comedian Matt Buechele is willing to bet you’ve said at least one of the following things:

Hey, thanks for meeting up at the same place for the hundredth time this summer!

Or how about mask chat and where you each got yours from:

This? I think it was like eight bucks on Amazon… I know – Amazon.

Perhaps you’ve discussed the practicalities of getting a Covid-19 swab test?

The plan is we’re gonna do the test with the swab [and] we’re going to rent a car… we’re gonna just drive – we’re never gonna go inside anywhere.

Or maybe you’ve hashed out the whole working from home situation:

Yeah, we just found out that we’re not going back to the office until 2021 so it’s like, what’s gonna happen? I don’t know!

Perhaps you’ve dared to dip your toe into the cesspit of despair that is Trump and US politics:

I actually think he’s going to win again. I was Googling the easiest countries to immigrate to.

If you’ve spoken about any or all of these things – welcome to the new normal.

Buechele posted the video to Twitter on Monday and, at the time of writing, it has received over 23,000 likes and almost 3,000 retweets.

Not to mention over a hundred comments from people smacking their heads over how accurate it is:

It’s ok – we feel incredibly seen too.

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