Angela Merkel has a lot on her plate right now, what with the EU in a state of flux and the German federal elections coming up next year. So you can’t really blame her for not keeping up with the latest technology.

She was answering press questions when at the current Christian Democratic Union (CDU) conference in Essen, Germany, when she got confused by a strange device in front of her.

It was just a 360 camera, but she was flummoxed.

Here's the moment from a different angle:

She turned the tables, and started questioning the journalists herself, asking:

What does it do? Does it rotate? And is it a good idea that it stands sideways? Who does the 360 degree camera belong to?

And who did it actually belong to? The CDU, Merkel’s own party. And upon that bombshell all the journalists around her burst out laughing.

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