When finding someone to write a defence of Blairism, you could commission a political scientist, a modern historian or even a journalist who specialises in the field.

But who better than the man the political movement was actually named after? Well, that's what the Spectator thought too:

In a long post on their Coffee House blog published on Wednesday morning, the former prime minister articulates the "values of New Labour" and what he sees at the "tragedy of the Labour Party’s current position".

While looking back at his time in office and the "hard choices" of government, Blair explains that at the time he wanted to build "a new coalition between the aspirant up and coming and the poorest and most disadvantaged".

Ultimately, he admitted that "of course we made mistakes", like "we didn’t spot the financial crisis", but that "it is even more critical" now than it ever has been for Labour to look to the future.

While there were many who were critical of the former many prime minister

Noting this omission in particular

Others still clearly yearn for his leadership

But all most people could focus on was the headline/byline combo

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