John McDonnell sees similarities between Hilary Benn's speech on Syria and Tony Blair's speech on Iraq in 2003. Do you?

Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn has been praised after his 'stirring' speech to the Commons in favour of air strikes on Isis in Syria.

It drew comparisons with the anti-war rhetoric of his father, the late hero of the Labour left, Tony Benn, despite their polarised stances on military intervention.

As a party, we have always been defined by our internationalism. We believe we have a responsibility one to another. We never have and we never should walk by on the other side of the road.

And we are here faced by fascists. Not just their calculated brutality, but their belief that they are superior to every single one of us here tonight, and all of the people that we represent. They hold us in contempt. They hold our values in contempt. They hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt. They hold our democracy, the means by which we will make our decision tonight, in contempt. And what we know about fascists is that they need to be defeated.

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