Someone has put a Mexican flag up outside Donald Trump's Scottish golf course

Louis Dor
Tuesday 21 June 2016 17:00
Picture: JOHN GURZINSKI/AFP/Getty Images/Sue Edwards/Facebook

If you're anywhere near familiar with Donald Trump's dealings in Scotland you'll know he's annoyed a lot of local people.

Trump will return to Scotland on Friday to open the Turnberry course in Ayrshire, where he's sure to experience some of their frustrations.

The Republican billionaire's relationship with former SNP leader Alex Salmond also deteriorated, following the construction of the £200 million golf course at Menie, Aberdeenshire, which Salmond initially supported, and an offshore wind farm in the North Sea which Trump said spoiled the view from the resort.

When Salmond refused to intervene with the wind farm plans, their relationship turned sour. Salmond said:

[This has] single-handedly done more damage to Scotland than virtually any event in Scottish history.

In an interview with the Times, Alex Salmond later said:

Trump is impossible to deal with in any coherent way because of his wild changes in position. He can move from total support to complete attack, if not exactly on a whim then certainly with little regard to any sense of proportion.

The plans for the golf resort were heavily criticised by green campaigners and local residents, who have so far successfully resisted compulsory purchase orders for their lands.

The campaign group 'Tripping up Trump', has shown their disdain for Trump's pursuit of local land on the Menie Estate, by raising a flag near the golf course.

We probably don't need to tell you why the Mexican flag is controversial for Trump.

The image was posted to the Tripping up Trump Facebook group by Sue Edwards, showing the flagpole situated near a bunker.

David Milne, who has also raised a flag of his own...

...told BuzzFeed:

The point of the flag is to show solidarity with the Mexicans and every other group that Trump has decried, derided, insulted, and tried to marginalise.

The flag by the bunker was originally reported to be Milne's, but he has since clarified the matter in a Facebook status, saying the bunker flagpole is the work of a Mike Forbes.

indy100 has contacted David and Tripping up Trump for comment.

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