Someone leaked what John Kelly really thinks of Ivanka Trump and it's not pretty

Jamie Squireand AFP/Getty Images

Ivanka Trump’s position in the White House as an adviser to the president has been criticised by the public because of her familial ties, but it appears people inside the West Wing are equally sceptical of her role.

According to CNN, someone close to President Donald Trump said White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was unimpressed by his decision to send his daughter on a diplomatic mission to South Korea.

They said:

This isn't like going to Italy. The stakes are far higher and more complex.

Kelly reportedly shares the concerns of the public – that Ivanka is picking and choosing when she wants to act as adviser to the president, and when she wants to act as a daughter.

CNN reports he said she is “playing government”, and called her child tax credit plan nothing more than a “pet project”.

White House press Secretary Sarah Sanders told CNN that both Kelly and National Security Advisor H R McMaster “were supportive of the [South Korea] trip”, and she said “Ivanka was a great representative for the administration”.

During an interview earlier this week, Ivanka told a journalist it was “inappropriate” to ask her, a daughter, about allegations of sexual assault made against her father – despite being employed as a senior advisor.

The White House has been contacted for comment.

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