The following question has got people online tickled:

My son told me he doesn't want to go to church anymore. How can I punish him?

Parents asked for advice from people online using the social platforms Quora and Reddit.

The answers were, well…varied.

1. Make him stay at home.

Make him stay at home every Sunday. While you are basking in glorious worship, he will be all by himself, separated from the love of God, with no consolation save the empty pleasures of sleeping late, watching sports, and playing video games

2. The concept of punishment sounds familiar...

Punish sure sounds like a good way for you kid to want to practice your religion.


3. Kung Fu was involved

The days I wasn’t forced to go to church, we’re the best! Bowls and bowls of cereal, wrestling, and Kung Fu Theatre.


4. Maybe...don't punish your son?

Don't punish your son. Do what Jesus would do. Forgive him, and love him unconditionally. He will learn far more about faith through your unconditional love than he will ever learn by sitting on a pew on Sunday morning.

-Claire Daingnin

5. Give children the choice?

Perhaps make going not seem like a punishment? When it’s their choice to go they’re more likely to find meaning in it. Like going to the gym.


6. Another person pointed out that forcing an ideology on a child is "indoctrination"

It’s called indoctrination when it’s not your choice. Let kids grow up and make their own religious decisions.


7. And finally, one guy shared what happened to him when his parents "forced" religion on him

My parents ‘forced’ religion on me then punished me for not going to church. I have been religion free for 45 glorious years now.


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