Andrew Tate mocked for bizarre homophobic tweet about straight sex

Andrew Tate mocked for bizarre homophobic tweet about straight sex

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Andrew Tate is, unsurprisingly, spreading hateful nonsense on Twitter/X again - this time over sexual intercourse and having children - but thankfully, social media users have immediately ridiculed the online influencer’s inflammatory remarks.

According to 37-year-old Tate, who has previously claimed he has at least 10 children, said on Elon Musk’s social media platform on Wednesday that men aged 40 or over who have fewer than five children are “probably gay”.

He wrote: “Sex is for making children. Any man who has sex with women because it "feels good" is gay.

“All that feel-good pee pee sex and hardly any genetic legacy?”

Yes, Tate really did use the word “pee-pee” while trying to be serious, making it easy for other users to mock his recent comments:

Elsewhere, one anonymous Twitter/X user has proposed a Community Note - seen by indy100 - which points out Tate’s late father Emory would be considered gay by his bizarre standards, seeing as the chess champion passed away in 2015, aged 56, having fathered just three children.

However, after one user commented that he was 55 with only two children, and whether this was “too late”, Tate replied: “Never!”

The former professional kickboxer has also clapped back at some of the criticism, quote tweeting a post from one user who wrote “not Andrew Tate yelling a whole text wall into the void about how bad at sex he is” to share the account’s profile picture of a man and woman smiling together.

“I’m good at sex,” he quipped.

How embarrassing.

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