Conspiracy theorists predict 'dark omens' after bloody horses run through London

Conspiracy theorists predict 'dark omens' after bloody horses run through London
Witness recalls chaos as blood-soaked horses ran loose through London
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Conspiracy theorists believe that bloody horses running through London and Big Ben stopping are dark “omens” signalling the “end times”.

On Wednesday (24 April), London witnessed bizarre scenes as blood-covered horses ran loose on the streets of the capital.

Five cavalry horses, weighing one-tonne each, became separated from their riders after becoming panicked and began a rampage through central London.

As footage on social media began to emerge, one white horse could be seen running through London with blood pouring down its front while another was reported to have run into a parked tour bus sustaining injuries.

The pair ran more than five miles from Buckingham Palace to Limehouse in east London and are said to be in a “very serious condition” but still alive. Four people were injured.

It came as just after 9am, the iconic Big Ben stopped ticking and its hands froze in place, sparking theories that it was a sign of some kind of dark “omen”.

“Big Ben has stopped and there are blood covered horses running through the streets of London. Maybe someone should check on the ravens in the Tower because this feels a LOT like a season finale,” one person wrote in a post on X/Twitter.

Someone else responded to the news, writing: “I'm not a superstitious person but this is absolutely the sort of omen which ushers in 500 years of darkness suffering and strife.”

Another added: “Big Ben's clock has stopped; horses are running loose in London covered in blood. All we need now is all the ravens to leave the Tower of London & we got a full set of portents of woe.”

One person suggested: “A black horse and a white horse covered in blood running through central London? That’s not a funny occurrence, that’s an OMEN my guy.”

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