Sophie Turner having a baby at 24 sparks debate about motherhood, age and class

Sophie Turner having a baby at 24 sparks debate about motherhood, age and class

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas might just be the most stable celebrity couple around right now.

In the latest news from the happy couple, the two have announced the birth of their baby daughter, Willa.

The announcement comes shortly after the Game of Thronesactor and singer got married last year (twice). First, in a Vegas wedding that was officiated by an Elvis impersonator in May 2019, and then in a second ceremony in France a month later.

Fans have been sharing their excitement about the baby and congratulating the couple, while for others, Turner’s pregnancy is making them put their lives into perspective.

Part of why Turner’s pregnancy might seem unusual is because of her age.

Considering that the actor is happily married with a baby at just 24 years old, young people who are the same age are confronting where they are currently.

There has also been a debate about whether Turner is 'too young' to have a child.

But many people argue that giving birth at a young age isn’t strange at all in the grand scheme of things.

After all, if women of earlier generations were giving birth in their 20s, why would it be surprising now?

But of course, this is 2020. It’s not so often that you see people in their 20s having children.

In The Guardian, Sirin Kale addresses the continually rising age of new mothers. She writes:

This trend is particularly pronounced among professionals, where the average age of mothers is between 31.7 and 33.5. Meanwhile, teen pregnancy rates have halved in the past decade.

The decrease in young women having children can be attributed to a lack of economic stability for the vast majority. Currently, most young people can’t afford to own a house, never mind raise a child.

In the same Guardian article, economist Dr Jonathan Cave says:

Those who have a job are expected to spend more time in relation to that job, just to retain it, because there are more people competing for it. This removes some of the ability to generate savings and plan for children.

So considering that Turner and Jonas are multi-millionaire celebrities, it’s obvious to many why the couple may be more comfortable than the average person with having a baby at a relatively young age.

It’s a matter of being able to afford children, and Turner’s child reveals a reality that is unattainable for most, even if they do want a child. Simply put: they’re rich.

In the end, maybe we should just let them be happy.

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