Passenger plays rock-paper-scissors with airline employee (Twitter)
Passenger plays rock-paper-scissors with airline employee (Twitter)

From reading, listening to music, or playing app games, there are plenty of ways to pass the time aboard a plane ahead of take-off.

For one man, who has since gone viral, it was with competitive game of rock-paper-scissors with an airport employee on the tarmac.

Brianna Kolbe shared the video of her boyfriend Robert Meadows engaging in the match with the Spirit airlines employee at an airport in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Twitter.

“My boyfriend literally has no problem making friends with anybody…” Kolbe captioned the wholesome interaction.

The short clip has since racked up more than 1.8m likes and more than 15m views by people amused with the friendship.

“I absolutely love this tweet. Wish more people were like this. Wouldn’t the world be such a happy place?” one person wrote.

Another said: “This is adorably innocent… love this.”

The video prompted others to joke that the airline employee’s hand signals likely caused a lot of mayhem at the airport.

“This is how he decides if you can take off or not,” one person wrote.

Someone else joked: “In other news, several near crashes reported at Atlantic City airport due to mixed hand signals.”

The tweet even captured the attention of the airline employee, who has since been identified as Allain Bantaya, who responded: “Bro ur boyfriend was trashingggg me.”

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