Student saves squirrel's life thanks to a scene from The Office

Student saves squirrel's life thanks to a scene from The Office

Even if you haven't seen The Office US there is a strong chance that you'll be aware of the infamous first aid scene from season five of the sitcom.

The sketch has to be one of if not the funniest moments in the entire show's history and sees the employees of the Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company completely ruin a first aid workshop in the best/worst way possible.

The scene sees a first aider attempt to teach the hapless employees CPR by using the tried and tested method of compressing a person's chest to the beat of 'Stayin' Alive' by The Bee Gees.

Given the infamy of that scene, it is easy to forget that it actually contains the important 'Stayin' Alive' fact - but that didn't escape Natalie Belsito who recently went viral after successfully reviving a squirrel.

The student from Central Michigan University found the animal drowning in a campus pond and was on the verge of death before rescuing it.

With the help of a passer-by, she managed to retrieve the squirrel but noticed that it wasn't breathing. She admits that she doesn't know CPR but did remember the scene from The Office.

Speaking to the Central Michigan Life Natalie said:

I couldn't just leave it, you know?​

It definitely was drowning because it was really slow when we saw it and it started to dip its head under the water.

I went down there with a hockey stick to try to pull it out, but that wasn’t really working.

Honestly, when I was doing it, I was thinking of the episode of "The Office" when they do CPR.

I was literally singing that song as I tried to do it.

Following this dramatic rescue and recovery, Natalie took the squirrel up to her room, warmed it with a hairdryer and it slowly regained its strength.

She and her friends then took it outside and released it back into its habitat much to the excitement of everyone who witnessed it.

To make matters even better, Robin Lynch, the actress who played the first aider on The Office saw the video and congratulated her on a job well done.

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