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Spilling pasta sauce on your top and lingering awkward silences are probably among our biggest first-date worries. But one woman had far more to be scared about when her date nearly died.

After a few weeks of chatting on dating website Plenty of Fish, Janine Hall met her date at the Cheesecake Factory in Missouri.

They had a “wonderful meal and great conversation,” Hall told People.

They continued talking after their meal, until Hall’s date started coughing. She told People:

We weren’t eating so I knew he wasn’t choking. I turned my head to the side to give him some privacy and then the next thing I knew there were dishes falling onto my side of the booth.

Her date stood up and collapsed. Hall said:

He had glazed-over eyes and blood was coming from his mouth. I checked and he had no heart rate

Quick-thinking Hall, who’s a former respiratory therapist, began chest compressions and CPR - and his heart rate came back. She followed paramedics to the hospital, and left her card with hospital staff so she could be updated by her date’s family.

She arranged with her date’s daughter to visit him in hospital soon after.

He looked amazing. And he remembered everything about our conversation at the restaurant. I told him, ‘I never got to thank you for the meal,’ and he said, ‘Oh my god, you saved my life!’

Doctors have been unable to find a cause of the episode, but have released Hall’s date and he’s now recovering at home. And recover he must – he has a second date to attend. Hall said:

He asked for a second date in the hospital. I was extremely honored. What means the most to me is that he works on his health and wellness right now.

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