Timing is everything in politics. So, if under intense scrutiny for a 'zero tolerance' policy involving migrant children being separated from their parents, it's perhaps not the best idea to host a cheery Facebook Live session on "Family Travel Hacks!".

The situation involving migrant children has seen nearly 2,000 children taken from their parents and many of them thrown into what appear to be holding cages at the US border.

In one Texas facility, a cage had 20 children inside with bottles of water, bags of crisps and foil sheets intended to serve as blankets scattered about, the Associated Press reports.

Amid the growing storm around the new policy, the US State Department inadvisedly hosted a Facebook Live on how to "take your kids on an international trip". It is a humdrum social media effort that the world would ignore at any other time - but not right now.

Picture:Picture: US Department of State: Consular Affairs / Facebook

The 40-minute FAQ covered how to take a photo of a baby for a passport, how families can apply for Global Entry as a group and passport processing. All the while, they were bombard with questions keen to maintain focus on a far more serious issue:

The people of Twitter chimed in to rip the Facebook Live apart too.

And one person took the opportunity to reference President Donald Trump's recent misspelling of 'border' in a tweet.

indy100 has contacted the Consular Affairs office for comment.

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