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Every parent should remember how frustrating it was being young and having to sneak around if you wanted to bring someone home.

Twitter user Tricky-D (@DropsNoPanties) must have felt some sympathy when his stepson secretly brought a girl back.

But not enough to stop him live-tweeting the boy's attempt to get her out of the house without his family noticing.

The result is a thread with more suspense than most thrillers.

The son’s cover could have been blown immediately when he left the girl’s shoes out overnight.

If he’d been checking Twitter, he might have seen his stepdad trying to give him some advice.

But that was the only help he could count on from his stepdad...

As he started to build up a big audience, @DropsNoPanties started worrying that the story might not have an ending to live up to the hype.

He spoke too soon though, because there’s a plot twist…

And four or so hours later, we finally got an ending.

Everyone reading the thread was on the edge of their seats.

Some people were even making up their own theories about the escape.

Maybe the most compelling love story since 'Romeo and Juliet'?

We're all waiting for the sequel.

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