Political commentator and comedian Stephen Colbert never misses an opportunity to roast president Donald Trump.

Even during a segment about the alarming rise of measles in America, the Late Show host managed to not-so-subtly mock the president.

Expressing his frustration about a new report that claims more than 700 people have been affected by the infectious disease this year - marking a 25-year-high - Colbert said:

Because people aren't vaccinating against it, what is wrong with you?

As the son of an immunologist, this might be the scariest news I have ever heard.

Colbert then notes how much more "complex" the anti-vaxx problem actually is, pointing to reports that Russian trolls may have promoted anti-vaccination propaganda online, which is what has caused the latest measles outbreak. Then, the TV host takes his shot at Trump, saying:

Are you telling me that Russian trolls helped promote a devastating disease that could weaken our nation? And now measles?

Met with a lot of laughter from the crowd, Colbert says with his shoulders shrugged:

You got to make it work.

You can watch the full segment in the video below.


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